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The Sculptresses


The Sculptresses is a performative archive of female bonding and subjectivity. Following the XIXth-century pioneer sculptresses (i.e. T. Certowicz, H. Bertaux, A. Rożniatowska, M. Gerson-Dąbrowska, J.Łubieńska, C. Claudel) and their sisterhood, the performers put their own bodies on the podium as an object of mutual creation. It is a supra-individual statue in constant making. Mixing the sense of agency and (in)dependence, the relationship of power and partnership, gymnastics and eroticism the duet focuses on a constant attempt to formulate the social status of female relationships.

Created at the invitation of the National Museum in Warsaw, as an event accompanying the first women's exhibition of works by Polish and foreign sculptors "Without a corset, Camille Claudel and Polish female sculptors of the 19th century".

The music accompanying the piece is a composition written for the saxophone and then digitally processed by the author, Natan Kryszk. Produced finally as a one track it is created in dialogue with the idea of the whole performance.


07-2023, National Museum in Warsaw

Short video extracted from this performance:

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