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The Sculptresses


The Sculptresses is a performative archive exploring the bonds among women and their individuality. It draws inspiration from the 19th-century pioneering sculptresses (e.g., T. Certowicz, H. Bertaux, A. Rożniatowska, M. Gerson-Dąbrowska, J. Łubieńska, C. Claudel) and their sense of sisterhood. In this performance the artists use their own bodies as objects on the podium. They are subject to mutual creation, forming a supra-individual statue that is continuously evolving. This work intertwines agency and (in)dependence, power dynamics and partnership, as well as gymnastics and eroticism, to focus on the perpetual effort to articulate the social status of female relationships.

This project was created at the invitation of the National Museum in Warsaw to accompany the first exhibition of works by Polish and foreign sculptresses titled 'Corsets Off: Camille Claudel and Polish Women Sculptors of the 19th Century' curated by Ewa Ziembińska.

Choreography: Weronika Pelczyńska, Magda Fejdasz
Performance: Weronika Pelczyńska, Monika Szpunar
Production managers: Marta Szymańska, Karolina Wróblewska - Leśniak
Music and the portraits: Natan Kryszk
Sound recording: Aleksander Żurowski
Dramaturgy: Alicja Czyczel
Costumes: Monika Nyckowska
Poster: Monika Stolarska
Production: National Museum in Warsaw
Partner: Center in Motion
With the support of: Adam Mickiewicz Institute


11-07-2023, National Museum in Warsaw

Performance portfolio

Technical rider

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