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sisterhood practice


sisterhood practice - a choreographic initiative set in 2019 as a result of a collaboration between female creators of choreography, theatre and science.

The initiative started from an idea developed by choreographer Weronika Pelczyńska in 2019. Since the last couple of years she has been inviting other women to cooperate within sisterhood practice: choreographers and dancers: Magda Fejdasz, Monika Szpunar, scientist Aleksandra Janus, dramaturg Patrycja Kowańska and others.

In their collective works the idea of sisterhood is manifested through choreography and dance. Within the initiative they share a common artistic focus as well as care for the other and their contribution. They aim to popularise sisterhood while working on strengthening each creator’s individual skills and embodying the synergy that comes from organising our attention together.


Over the years works from sisterhood practice have been presented in numerous venues. Among them, most recently „Still Standing” - presented during Vilnius Biennial of Performance Art 2023. 

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