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The Sphere


Movement research / laboratory, which aims to explore the method in which choreography happens both from the perspective of the choreographer and the outsider - the external eye of the choreography. It is a narrative around the movement, a mechanism for naming what the body does as an internal report, and also an internal report from the dancers as this ball unfolds. Exploring a tool additional to practice, contact improvisation. While practicing contact improvisation, we have noticed that there is a lot of attention to what happens between people and a relatively small center of gravity on each other in partnering. We became interested in how we can strengthen a unit in duo work, we started working on a specific shape - a sphere. It's an ongoing Research which embodies our methods, the idea of practicing sisterhood. A response to the current multidimensional crisis of closeness and mutual concern. One of the goals of the work is to raise awareness and the need for change. The sphere takes the form of trying to make two separate female bodies physically become one. He explores how sharing a common goal can strengthen the meaning of one body and broaden the field of its interpretation to group, social and / or global, and how individual actions (ordinary movement) can represent a new way of collective participation.

In 2021, the Sphere inspired another project called "The Sphericals".

The core of the performance is the meeting of contemporary choreography and drama theatre. We put the body and its narrative at the center of the action. We question how to perceive meaning in what physicality communicates to us, not in what is being imposed on it. The widespread visual culture distances us from ourselves. The Sphericals, by practicing attentiveness and by sharing their imagination, reinforce the channel of understanding between all the different narratives of the body. Is this a drama? It could be. Is it a comedy? Perhaps. It depends on who is watching. By trying to activate individual sensitivity we open up a space of co-participation. The Sphericals are an experiment. While developing the dramaturgy of the performance, we explore the field of playing with language, the meanings of words or ideologies. The performance brings the spectator closer to choreography as a form of expression, and invites them into the body that they themselves own, or of which they are a part.


The Sphere has been shown as work in progress:

The Sphericals premiered in January of 2022 and they are regularly performed in Jan Kochanowski Theatre in Opole, Poland.

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